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Maui Ocean Tips & Safety

In Hawaii although the waters are beautiful and warm, there are things here to be aware of before you enter.

The ocean swells, never turn your back on the ocean. Swells can start up in seconds. Sometimes they are in sets of 3, but sometimes more. The higher they are, the more power on the push and break. Strong swimmers can dolphin dive and get under them and past, weak swimmers need to wait for another day or for waves to die down.

Clarity is super important, sharks 🦈 are always there, but murky water and low visibility is risky. You can’t see them and they can’t see you. You can’t see anything, and if it’s dirty water, you don’t want to breath that in anyway.Watch for brown water advisories from heavy rains, but sometimes the county doesn't post it.  You will see it!


Sea urchins, not fun. The black spikey balls, stay away. If you’re barefoot, don’t put your feet down near coral reefs ever. The venom is poisonous and can be quite painful. Remedies are pee’ing on it right away, and spraying vinegar on them. This helps open up the skin to allow them to float out. Peroxide also helps them disintegrate. Some might be large and need to be extracted by an epi pin. They are barbed, not like splinters, so you have to get under them. 

Hawaiian box jelly fish can be white, long, and stringy. They also sting. Don’t scrap or wipe them. Use vinegar, warm to hot water to rinse them off. See this link below for excellent info.

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