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Swim Bike Run Coaching Options

Step 1 = Decide which sport you need coaching for the most.

Step 2 = Call or text Coach House to discuss what you are searching to learn & practice, as well as current available dates/times that work for your schedule.

Step 3 = After the call or even after 1st session, decide if you want 1 session or a 3 pack. 

Swimming = observation, video taping, feedback, analysis, breathing, ocean safety, 1 - 2 drills, learn the correct technique based on your current skill level ( pools or beaches ) CLICK HERE for more detail on Swim Sessions

Biking = fit, cadence, proper cycling tech, video taping, skills on how to ride efficiently, plans for training, road safety, ride beautiful routes along Maui's coast 

Running = observation, video taping, analysis, speed work if needed, tech on foot plant, arms, breathing, yoga strength poses ( parks or track )

*COACH HOUSE has raced triathlon for 33 years, currently a US Masters & Ironman Certified Coach, USA Triathlon All American Triathlete 2016 and a State of Hawaii Teacher

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