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Now booking on Maui & Honolulu for Summer '24

Experienced Professional Coaching  
Swimming . Biking . Running . Triathlon . Yoga4athletes
Join Coach House Maui, Hawai'i or Honolulu

More on swim tech!
Britt so ready for Lavaman!
Arun mastering some open water fears
AXL learning freestyle basics
Britt 1st bike session for Lavaman!
Tri swim tech @ Wailea Beach
Moms learn to swim too!
Alex learning all the strokes!
David open water tri swim session Napili Bay
Training for Maui Co Fire test
Bike Fitting
Mo is working on her OWS tech for her Caribbean swim race!
Tom is training for his 1st tri 2022 Wailea Beach OWS
Run Coaching w Haden and Noah for Baseball
Working w Martha on open water fears, one at a time
Swim with the Honu
Can't swim to, totally can swim!
Freestyle tech Maui Ocean Swimming
Action and Zip it
Help take care of our ocean
Safe protected stellar coves
Top tech
Charlie Getting ready for summer league swim team
Effie getting cycling tips
Kids need to learn to back float
Wailea Beach Ocean Session
Phred our Canadian long distance swimmer
reefs need you
always working on turbo kick drills
Maui Coast
Maluaka Beach South Maui
Lavaman Tri Race Day 2019
kids swim lessons
Hawaii 70.3 Half Ironman 2019
Sunrise Yoga South Maui
Tom getting ready for his 1st Half Iron
Dan track
Tom learning some freestyle tech
swim coaching in a pool of your choice
Bike Makena, South Maui
Yoga at the Beach
U.S. Masters Swim Coach
USAT All American 2016
IRONMAN Certified Coach - Sky Householder
Yoga Certified Instructor
IM quote

Individual or Group

Sports Session Options

braden-collum-87874 rev2.jpg

5k? Track? Triathlon? Sports speed? Half

or full marathon? 

learn cadence, speed, foot plant, arm tech, body alignment

Hawaii 70.3 Half Ironman 2019.jpg
Triathlon 70.3 or IM Training

Tri is the funnest, most challenging, addictive sport on the planet.  Learn all the parts and pieces to give you an edge! 

Valerie open water swimming

Lessons for Kids or

Adults to up your game @ 

Maui's amazing beaches or a pool with stroke technique, open water skills, and

video tape analysis

Zen Yoga Athletes

Sunrise or Sunset Yoga for athletes or any level, lengthen muscles in a private setting or on beautiful beaches!

Tom's first road ride training for Hawai

Cycling on Maui

is amazing!

Develop skills like fit/cadence/form/gearing 

 ZenergySports - Private Coaching
"Coach House" (Sky Laurie Householder)

What is ZenergySports?  House's coaching business.  

Zen = balance, organically in flow with your universal alignment  Energy = happy electric motion Sports = body exercise, our mood adjuster 


Why?  "Coaching and teaching is my passion.  It's satisfying to watch people grow and learn new powerful skills. After triathlon event directing for 13 years, I decided to Coach and change my wallpaper, follow my heart back to Maui. I love sharing my decades of experience and unique toolbox of triathlon, swimming, biking, running, yoga, goal attention skills with those that are ready. I get so stoked watching my clients excel and master skills. I'm teaching with Aloha Love! I have been racing the sport of triathlon for 34 years, swimming since age 8, was a swim team head Coach, and started running competitively since age 12. 2024 starts my 10th year of Coaching. Intro meetings with me by phone are free, call or text 808.868.1088." ~ House


You will create positive changes with guidance, raising your confidence and giving you more satisfaction.  Choose from the sports of triathlon, swimming, biking, running, and yoga for athletes with technical skills taught in "feel" for all levels. Ironman 70.3, full Ironman training, and Xterra training including nutritional and equipment guidance is offered.  Coaching you on personal goals is completely customized.  Discover all the stellar places on Maui, O'ahu, Kaua'i, and the Big Island to have a great training experience. Coach House knows the best local bike routes, swim coves, parks, and pools! Not on the Hawaiian Islands? Email your videos, virtual Coaching can be very focused and efficient too.

The sessions are designed for you or your group to help "sharpen the saw" with Zen's Edge Tools. Want to swim or race better?  Take things up a level?  You are in the perfect spot!                                                                

808.868.1088 Mobile

House 1, LLC licensed in the State of Hawaii

@zenergysportsmaui Instagram & Twitter

Certificates, Licenses, Experience, Credentials, and Education 


  • Ironman University Certified Coach

  • USA Triathlon All American 2016

  • USA Masters Swimming Coach

  • Triathlete 34 years

  • State of Hawai'i Teacher

  • Swimmer since age 8, Runner since age 12

  • Head Coach Stonehenge Swim Team

  • Maui Yoga Shala Certified Instructor

  • CPR & First Aid Certified

  • 2 x Boston Marathon Qualified

  • Lake Placid Ironman finisher

  • Richmond VA Triathlon Club President, Board, Charter Member 9 years

  • USA Triathlon Race Director 13 yrs

  • AvatarEPC Licensed Master

  • Landmark Education Graduate

  • USATriathlon Mid Atlantic Region Officer

  • Previous Owner and Director of Richmond Multisports Triathlon Productions

  • James Madison University BBA International Business, minors in Spanish/Econ

  • Clover Hill High School Midlothian, VA Spring & Winter Track, X-Country all years

  • State of Virginia High School Track 2 mile

  • 100% Covid19 Vaccinated and Boosted!  

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